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Why are parking lots controlled

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In Germany, there are various ways to manage parking spaces. Some cities and municipalities operate public parking spaces, while others outsource this task to private companies like us, VKS Parkraumservice.

Some of the most common methods of parking management in Germany include:

  • Parking Fees: Parking spaces that are operated by the city or a private company may charge fees for parking. This can either be in the form of fixed hourly or daily fees, or in the form of parking meters, where users must purchase a parking ticket valid for a certain period of time.

  • Parking Meters: Parking meters allow users to purchase tickets valid for a certain period of time. These meters can be operated by the city or a private company.

  • Parking Enforcement: Many cities and municipalities have parking enforcement, which aims to ensure that parking spaces are used properly. This can be done through the use of parking meters or by hiring parking attendants to enforce rules.

  • Parking Garages and Lots: Some cities and municipalities operate parking garages or lots that can be used for a fee. These parking spaces are often located in downtown areas or near transportation hubs.

There are also various private companies that offer parking management and enforcement services that specialize in a specific region or city. VKS Parkraumservice has a long-term experience in this field and this can help both parking users and parking space owners.

It is important to note that the rules and fees for parking spaces in Germany can vary by city and region, and it is recommended to check local regulations and fee structures. On parking spaces managed by us, there are clearly visible signs and information available, so that parking users can quickly and easily get an overview.